Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Why this effort (in home page)

Hundred times we have asked ourselves before starting this website, why we are deciding it, will it be useful etc. Then, after some days, we decided to start it as an attempt of communicating views to larger audiences. This is an experiment in that sense.

So the sole purpose behind this attempt is to communicate our voice against today’s corporate globalization and communalism to many readers. On the other hand, we have the interest to listen others voices also.

In Orissa we are facing for a long time attack of corporate globalization. It has already disturbed our economy and culture and it would do more in future if it is not opposed. Now a time has come where people of Orissa are continuously opposing it. But hardly these are listened and thought about.

Communalism is also becoming another danger. Communal tension, religious conflicts and ethnic conflicts are happening because responsible social groups are playing inhuman role. It is increasing and we lack social condemnation both from inside and outside the state.

This ignorance definitely shadows the truth.

This is an attempt to say the truth. We have not fixed our boundary geographically. Through this website we could also communicate voices of other communities against injustice and inhumanity to our readers. For this reason we need also friends who could write for us.


(On behalf of countrycurrents)

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